[BPS Boy] Inferno

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#TheSlateTape is out on 4/20, make sure you listen to it while you get faded on that wonderful day, Thanks all 🎶💽🔊
It’s up people, check it out! Thanks!  http://www.soundcloud.com/supremeferno/stoner-girl-feat-denny-doze
9PM TONIGHT. For my female stoners, Smoke to this! 💨💨
Y’all broke ass got low class tell them bury me with a silver shovel. #VIVALESTA
I would’ve thrown it back yesterday but I was too too faded.

If you don’t know, now you know.

💉 Feat. Stephen Tai

Girls be like “I don’t roast!” 😒 tf outta here..

My latest track off “The Slate Tape” featuring PACMAN #TST coming soon!!!! LISTEN & REBLOG!!! 

New Track off ‘The Slate Tape’. Featuring PACMAN | Drops TONIGHT @ 8PM 🎶👀
Repost. Add away..
And I was late for my lecture too..smh
The family reunion was months overdue..❤️
A little snippet off my next mixtape; The Slate Tape. OUT SOON (Taken with Cinemagram)